Winter Tide Wool Rug Collection by Oh Happy Home


A collection of wool rugs inspired by my sea-change to Western Australia’s Southwest Coast.

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Wool Rugs Perfect For Winter
A collection of wool rugs inspired by my sea-change to Western Australia’s Southwest Coast. 
Winters Tide - my rug collections inspired by my Albany seachange

‘In the spirit of reconciliation Oh Happy Home acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of this land the Menang people and their connections to land, sea and community. It is a privilege to be living on Menang country. We acknowledge the contributions of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians in this country we all live in and share together – Australia.’


The Story behind my sea-change and the inspiration for my new wool rug collection

'Winter Tide'

Always up for a challenge and following our dream to one day live in the country an opportunity to teach in the Southwest, became available to my husband. Whilst Albany was certainly not top of my list. I was more excited for Dunsborough or Margaret River – I mean who wouldn’t be?
But Albany it was.
For those not familiar, Albany is a small coastal town 5 hours from Perth. 

It has got a bit of a reputation for being rainy and cold, but I am happy to say we very quickly fell in love with the idea of change and Albany has become my new Ohh HQ!

I was lucky that my boys were at an age where school movement wasn’t critical and we were all up for a new adventure.
After all, why stay put in the same place forever? We could always move back to the city if it didn’t work out!

So at the start of 2019 we waved goodbye to Perth and relocated to a house not far from Middleton Beach and Ellen Cove. 

Close enough that we can hear the waves crashing while we sleep.

Middleton beach has become a regular haunt with the kids, rain, hail or shine.
We particularly love it after a winters storm as there are so many treasures to be found washed up on the beautiful, white Middleton sands. We have acquired quite the collection of fan shells and driftwood from our many adventures on this beach.

Middleton is know as Albany’s tourist swimming beach although since living here we have found much better swimming spots!
But if it is a quick swim and coffee you require then Middleton is your go to destination. The walk along the Ellen Cove Boardwalk is a sight to behold and provides you with a view of the entire cove and its breathtaking scenery.
My personal favourite spot on the boardwalk is Point King Lighthouse, just off the track it is hard to miss, but worth checking out as you’ll find the impressive ruins of a historic lighthouse.
 The Middleton Wool Rug inspired by my sea change to the Great Southern


So it will come as no surprise that to introduce our new collection I have started with the Middleton rug as this happens to be inspired by not only the most iconic and recognisable beach in Albany ‘Middleton Beach’ but was also the place we are luckily enough to live right beside.

This is where the day begins in the South West, with the sun gloriously rising every morning over the bay.
The Menang people know the place as Binalup meaning the place of first light.



The Middleton wool rug

As part of the Winter Tide Collection, the Middleton wool rug captures this idea of the sun rising up over the bay. The cool blues of the water, with the browns, pinks and whites you find in the weed (oh the beloved weed) at Middleton.

Made with felted 75% New Zealand wool and 25% cotton the Middleton rug is expertly woven on a weft of felt forming the tassels at the ends.

Soft and warm underfoot, it’s perfect for those wintery days spent dreaming of the summer once again.
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The Melaleuca wool rug

The second rug in the Winter Tide rug collection is called the Melaleuca.
The name Melaleuca was inspired by local trees commonly known in South WA
as paperbarks. Nanarup is where you will find these paperbark trees all along Taylors Inlet.
Melaleuca’s line the inlet leading to the rugged white, squeaky sandy beach. Where you'll find sand dunes as far as the eye can see.
This place is a favourite for my boys they love to run up and down the dunes, (me I manage only once or twice!). Sometimes they even bring cardboard along for the ride - this however is always an epic failure and I promise one day to buy them some proper sand boards.
 Nanarup beach Rug

The Melaleuca rug was named after this tree because of its grey paperbark look. If you look closely at the paperbark you can see a beautiful depth of greys, whites, pinks and browns. These colours are what inspired the subtle hues woven throughout the weft of this rug.
Winter Tide is ever changing, the waters pull back and reveal the greys of the sand, the light changes hour by hour as does the reflection on the trees, sand and sky.
This is also true with the Melaleuca rug, the light, the cushions, the sofa, the floor will all change the appearance of this rug. It’s so hard to describe the beauty and depth you find in this felted yarn - it is almost magical the way its surroundings influence its hue.
Made with felted 75% New Zealand wool and 25% cotton this rug is expertly woven on a weft of felt forming the tassels at the ends. It’s like a Winter Tide beneath your feet.



Melaleuca Wool Rug by Ohh



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Little Beach wool rug






Little Beach is kind of a secret - Sshhh! A spectacular and magical beach found in Western Australia.  

Little Beach WA

White squeaky-clean sand, azure like blue waters, green headlands, and granite

rocks, it is easily the most beautiful beach in Australia.
Little Beach is found in Two Peoples Bay natural reserve – you’ll find the most awe-inspiring walk along the headland here.

We enjoy a windy winters walk along the headland and down to Little Beach where my boys love climbing the granite rocks that jut out against the crisp white sand.
The pictures speak for themselves.

Our Little Beach Wool Rug is inspired by the cool waters and white sand of this beach. Flecks of browns, pinks and blues can be found beneath the surface of this rug, embedded in the felted yarn.

Made with felted 75% New Zealand wool and 25% cotton this rug is expertly woven on a weft of felt forming the tassels at the ends. Warm and soft underfoot, you can picture yourself on the sand at Little Beach.


Little Beach Wool Rug by Ohh


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The Stirling wool rug

A trip to the Great Southern is not complete without a hike around the Stirling Ranges or Porongurup’s.
The Stirling Ranges are mostly known for its highest peak - Bluff Knoll.
Bluff Knoll is 1,099 metres above sea level and a climb that takes around 3- 4 hours depending on your level of fitness.
Rugged rocky outcrops and climbs feature in this uphill walk and our family

Stirling rocks

enjoys climbing it at least once a year. If you’re brave enough to brave the chill snow can sometimes be sighted at the top on a chilly winter’s morning.
In spring the Stirling’s unique wildflowers come to life with hints of mustard speckled across the range.
We have tried to replicate this mustard speckle in the felted yarn of our Stirling rug together with the blue undertones of the sky and the deep brown colours of the granite rock.
Soft underfoot after a hard days climb! It’s made with felted 75% New Zealand wool and 25% cotton and expertly woven on a weft of felt forming the tassels at the ends. Warm deep tones make this rug a true Winter warmer!


Stirling Range Wool Rug

Stirling Wool Rug By Oh Happy Home

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I hope you love the new collection as much as I do. 



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