5 Easy Ways to Add Value To Your Front Entrance

Adding interest with a jute welcome mat

Adding value to your front entrance doesn't have to be a complex or expensive process. Here are five easy ways to enhance its appeal and potentially increase your home's overall value:



1. Enhance Curb Appeal with Paint and Hardware


  • Paint the Front Door: A fresh coat of paint can instantly refresh your front entrance. Choose a bold, welcoming colour that complements your home's exterior. Popular choices include red, blue, green, or classic black.


  • Upgrade Door Hardware: Replace outdated doorknobs, handles, and locks with modern, stylish options. Consider adding a decorative door knocker or a sleek, contemporary handle set to elevate the look.


2. Update Entryway Accessories


  • Sustainable Welcome Mat: Invest in a high-quality, attractive welcome mat. Choose one that reflects your personal style or adds a fun or a welcoming message.


  • Jute Mats and door runners are prefect for practicality wiping your feet but also adding curb side appeal. Adding a hallway runner inside will also helps guests feel welcomed. 




 Jute Natural White Stripe Door mat



  • House Numbers and Mailbox: Replace old or worn-out house numbers and mailbox with sleek, modern designs. This small change can make a significant difference in the overall appearance.






3. Improve Lighting


  • Install New Fixtures: Good lighting enhances safety and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Replace old, dated light fixtures with modern sconces or lanterns that suit your home’s style.


  • Add Pathway Lights: Illuminate your walkway with solar-powered or low-voltage pathway lights. This not only improves safety but also adds a touch of elegance to your entrance.


4. Add Greenery and Landscaping


  • Potted Plants and Planters: Place symmetrical planters with vibrant flowers or greenery on either side of the door. This adds color and life to the entrance.


  • Hanging Baskets: Install hanging baskets filled with seasonal flowers for added visual interest and charm.


5. Maintain and Clean the Area



  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the entrance clean and tidy. Sweep the porch, wipe down the door, and clean any windows regularly.


  • Repair and Touch-Up: Fix any minor damages such as chipped paint, loose railings, or cracked steps. A well-maintained entrance gives a positive first impression.


Bonus Tips:


  • Seasonal Decorations: Change decorations with the seasons to keep the entrance looking fresh and inviting.


  • Symmetry and Balance: Arrange decor items, plants, and furniture symmetrically to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look.


By implementing these easy and affordable updates, you can significantly enhance the appeal and value of your front entrance, making a lasting impression on visitors and potential buyers.


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