For any homeowners or renters that are looking to turn the interior of their dwelling into a happy, more comfortable home, it is always great to start with quality, decorative, and aesthetic rugs. These can be switched around and used in multiple ways in almost any room. Hence, they are always a worthy investment and if you want to add comfort and style while keeping your cleaning minimal. Oh Happy Home provides high quality, uniquely designed rugs that are completely machine washable and handcrafted to perfection. Keep reading to learn more.


The Beauty Of Handcrafted Rugs


Whether you are seeking a flat weave rug or a hand-knotted one, there is something about a handmade rug that feels unique and makes your interior more welcoming and comfortable.


The beauty of handcrafted rugs can help bring your home to life. No matter what design, size, material, or colour you choose, a rug is a great way to add depth and warmth to your interior space.


If you are looking for a handmade rug store in Western Australia to fulfil your interior vision, you have likely come across several options. Handcrafted rugs in Australia are easy to source thanks to Oh Happy Home. We have our extensive online store, as well as a physical brick and mortar location. located conveniently in Perth, Western Australia.

Oh Happy Home Rug Studio in Perth


Our rugs range in consistency from cotton to wool rugs, which are designed by founder Amy Eaton, and are all handcrafted by our Good-Weave Certified artisans. They’re also completely machine washable. That’s right, if you feel your rug needs a thorough clean, simply pop it into the washing machine and it will come out looking good as new.


Unique Designs


The great benefit of purchasing a handcrafted rug is that they all boast a unique design. No two rugs are the same. You can choose from a neutral, minimalist design to one with unique patterns and colours.


Should you have a pet, we also offer pet-friendly rugs, which are made from cotton and are easily washable so there’s no need to worry about your pet making a mess. If they do, pop it in the wash machine and your rug doesn’t have to be compromised.

Rug Shop in Perth Western Australia


We proudly produce each rug with the most ethical environmentally friendly standards. We only use sustainably sourced materials that offer a natural, no-fuss finish.


Other products that boast sustainably sourced materials and unique designs are our cushions and stools, which again, make great decorative pieces to add personality and depth to your interior.


Where To Get A Handcrafted Rug


Although it is easy to shop online, there is nothing quite like seeing our beautifully handcrafted rugs in person. Stop by our store to see and feel our handcrafted, unique creations up close and make the right choice for your interior.


Our address is 12 Hood St, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia (Perth). Please feel free to get in touch with us at or on our phone line at +61481176755. We can answer all of your questions and ensure your rug dreams come true.

Amy Eaton at Rug Shop Oh Happy Home