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Toxic rugs, the facts you need to know. 

Did you know that certain types of rugs are actually toxic for your health? With all these new nanotechnology 'stain resistant' and 'nano textile rugs appearing on the market we thought it might be helpful to do a blog or two on the dangers of these toxic rugs.

Toxic rugs bad for your health

The list of unhealthy toxins and chemicals that go into most rugs and carpets is not only scary but actually kind of crazy!

These can include:

Synthetic man made fibers like polypropylene also known as olefin, acrylic, polyester, and nylon. These materials are derivatives of petroleum and are chemically-treated with various compounds whose impact on human health and the environment are currently under research, but we already know it's definitely not a good one!

Toxic dyes used in the dying process leave chemical residue behind after manufacturing. These chemicals can leach into the skin.

PFAS - Rugs that boast about being stain-resistant and water-repellent often get those properties from yet another class of worrisome chemical known as PFAS. (more info on PAFS chemicals below)

Glues and adhesives often contain formaldehyde and other chemicals that off-gas into the home environment.

Synthetic rubber backing found on the bottom of some rugs can contain carcinogenic chemicals.

Toxic pesticides and fungicides are commonly used to keep rugs free of bugs and mold.

Flame-retardant chemicals are also typical in synthetic rugs. 

What are PFAS and why are they toxic in rugs?

PFAS chemicals (short for perfluoroalky and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are known as 'forever chemicals' . They are highly utilised in various industries due to their ability to repel water and oil.

PFAS include chemicals such as PFOS, PFOA and GenX. They are all bonds of fluorine and carbon, which are extremely strong and what make it so difficult for these chemicals to disintegrate in the environment and in our bodies.

"A growing body of science has found that there are potential adverse health impacts associated with PFAS exposure, including liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased fertility, high cholesterol, obesity, hormone suppression and cancer." CNN Health

Check out the full ' What are PFAS chemicals, and what are they doing to our health? CNN Health article here


Why are PFAS chemicals used in stain resistant rugs?

PFAS 'forever chemicals' are found in some rugs because they repel oil, water and other liquids. They are commonly found in all the new to market 'stain resistant' and 'stain vincible' rugs, so know your toxic facts and be aware of what you're purchasing and bringing into your home. 

What are synthetic rugs made from and why are synthetic rugs toxic?

Synthetic rugs are made with man-made fibers like polypropylene, also known as olefin, acrylic, polyester, and nylon. These materials are derivatives of petroleum and are chemically-treated with various compounds whose impact on the human health is under investigation but we already know the outcomes will not a good due to the

Are synthetic rugs safe?

In a simple answer NO for all the reasons stated above.

What rugs are non toxic and safe for my family? 

Hand woven rugs made from 100% quality natural fibers like wool, cotton and jute are the best non toxic rug choices for your home. 

Did you know all our Oh Happy Home rugs are made with family in mind. We will never use any hidden nasties in our rugs.



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