Our top 5 tips on how to make your guest bedroom feel welcoming and comfortable.

It’s usually the forgotten space in most homes but there is absolutely no reason your guest bedroom can’t look as good as the rest of your home.

Here's our top tips for getting it right.

1. Imagine yourself as the guest

Take time to consider what would make your few nights away feel like a home from home.

Top of the list will be a comfy bed with fresh bedding, plenty of pillows, throws, luxe bath towels, storage space for belongings, a place for a suitcase, adequate lighting and last but not least blinds or curtains on the windows should go without saying but you'd be surprised Ha!Ha!

Oh and of course and accessible power point for charging a phone!

Bedroom styling by Oh Eight Oh Nine

Imagine rocking up to stay as a guest in this stunning bedroom styled by @oheightohnine

2. Make your spare room inviting

Carefully chosen bed linen is a great way of creating warmth and luxury in a spare room and a well-chosen ethical rug helps complete a welcoming spare room look.

Check out how Tarina Wood from Oh Eight Oh Nine added some extra warmth to this dark toned carpet with our Deco natural rug in this stunning bedroom. The mirror placed over the chest of drawers is also a great idea.

Deco room in Spare room styled by Tarina Wood Oh Eight Oh Nine


3. Keep decor to a minimum

By all means add some nice styling pieces to your bedside table or chest of drawers but don't over do it. Less is more!

Think in 3's  - bedside lamp, a book and a candle.

bedside table styling ideas

4. Consider including a desk or a comfy chair

If your floor space allows and also if your spare room acts as a multi functional space a small desk can be a great addition to a spare room and guests will also appreciate the extra space for catching up on some emails or it's a great place to pop on some makeup in the mornings.

Here's two of our favorites spare room desk space ideas from The Block.

guest bedroom desk inspo

Ronnie & Georgia 2017 and Luke & Tess 2019

5. Don't forget a mirror

Last but not least everyone needs a good mirror and your guests are no exception, so if you've got the floor or wall space a full length mirror is always a great idea for a spare room - also helps to make your room look even bigger - bonus!

We're loving the Bryon Bay mirror from @relaax.co it's a great option for a spare room.


spare room mirror inspo

Spare bedroom inspo to help get your creative juices flowing.

spare room inspo

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