The Australian Dreamweaver Behind Our Non Toxic Eco Friendly Rugs

08/ 9/2022

Meet Amy the dreamweaver behind Oh Happy Home, who's passionate about creating non toxic rugs, that are ethically produced, reduce landfill and still pack a design punch.

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The Australian Dreamweaver Behind Our Non Toxic Eco Friendly Rugs

The Australian dreamweaver behind our non toxic, eco friendly rugs.

Meet Amy the dreamweaver behind Oh Happy Home, who's passionate about creating non toxic rugs, that are ethically produced, reduce landfill and still pack a design punch.


Amy Eaton Oh Happy Home Designer of Australian Non Toxic Ethical Rugs


As a busy mum of 3 energetic boys, Amy's dream is to create family friendly ETHICAL, NATURAL + SUSTAINABLE rugs that are produced slowly (supporting small batch weavers and their families) and encourage slow considered shopping amongst her customers.

With a background in fine arts and textile design, everything Amy dreamweaves is not only guaranteed to look amazing but it will always be of the highest quality standards, ensuring you will only ever need "to buy once and buy well".

Amy believes that when we surround ourselves with things we love that bring us joy, peace, calm and order, we open ourselves up to a life that doesn't feel the need to compare or keep up with the 'Jones' but a life that is, put simply -  'content '. 


Achieving the dream of designing non toxic, ethical rugs.

So how exactly does Amy achieve the dream of creating family friendly ethical, natural + sustainable rugs that still pack a design punch?

Well, she is uncompromisingly; 

ETHICAL in her choice of weaver partnerships, production and distribution processes and her partnership with Goodweave International

NATURAL in her material choices for all rugs, homewares and packaging

SUSTAINABLE in her choice of materials, only using small batch production (keeping her weavers in work all year round) and her thoughtful design of timeless pieces that encourage buying well, buying once.

Add to this the fact that all Oh Happy Home non toxic rugs are Goodweave International approved. So you can rest assured that NO CHILD LABOUR has been used in the production of your rug.


Non Toxic Eco Friendly Rugs By Oh Happy Home

Nontoxic rugs = eco-friendly rug choices.


How do you know if a rug is non toxic and eco friendly?

Here's what to ask and what to look for when looking for a non toxic rug.

1. Ask what material your rug is made from. What you're looking for are natural fibres like cotton, wool, jute and seagrass.

2. Check what percentage of your rug is cotton, wool, jute etc. 100% or close to it is what your aiming for.

3. Ask if the rug has been handmade or machine made. Natural fiber rugs are primarily handmade - synthetic rugs are machine made.

3. Check if the rug has a non slip backing attached and if the answer is yes then ask how and what the backing is made from, as most backed rugs use chemicals and toxins to bind the non slip backing to the rug. 

4. Ask if the rug is Goodweave approved. This way you can be assured no child labour has gone into the production of the rug.

5. When choosing an anti slip to go under your non toxic natural fiber rug, look for the Confidence In Textiles badge - this means it has been tested for harmful substances.


Australian Non Toxic 100% Wool Rugs by Oh Happy Home

Did you know? All Oh Happy Home rugs are non toxic and eco friendly?


  • All Oh Happy Home wool rugs are ethically made from natural and sustainable fibers like New Zealand wool and 100% cotton
  • All Oh Happy Home 100% Cotton rugs come without backing - so that means no nasties or chemicals are used in their production
  • All Oh Happy Home rugs contain natural fibers which are easy to clean and care for. 
  • All 100% cotton rugs are machine washable so instead of throwing out your rug when it is dirty you can simply machine wash it yourself over and over.
  • At the end of their lifetime the cotton rugs will eventually break down after about 50 years unlike polyester or machine-made rugs that typically take over 200 years to biodegrade


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