Every wondered if you have purchased a handmade or a machine made rug?

Do you know what to look for? 
When buying rugs online why is there such a variances in prices?
What is the difference between handmade, handwoven, hand knotted and machine made rugs? Let me try to unpack some of the differences for you. 
Young Indian Weavers

An image from our last Indian Trip 


FLIP IT ! Flip it real good 

NO 1. Look at the back of the rug. 

In hand knotted rugs the weaving and the knots will be slightly uneven and not always exact and uniform. Some knots may be larger and some may be smaller. If you were to cut one of the knots - one single piece would come out. 

hand knotted rugs

Hand knotted Examples 


Pink Flatweave rug

Handwoven or Flatweave Rugs example above is our Pink Sahara Rug  - Buy Once Buy Well is our motto here at Oh Happy Home 


Our handwoven or flatweave rug is made on a loom by one or two weavers working together. A flatweave rug is usually reversible meaning that you can use it on with either side. Especially handy if it is getting a little dirty or worn on one side. 

If you are looking for flatweave rugs another great example of hardwearing , high traffic rug is our Moroccan Trellis Sand Rug. Exactly the same on both sides so you can tell it is made on a hand loom. Of course our rugs also come with the Goodweave Accreditation.


Handmade grey rug



A machine made rug will look very even and display perfectly even (knots that aren't really knots! )

A Machine Made Rug Example

3 Tips To Know If Your Rug Is Handmade

No. 1 FLIP IT 

When you flip a handmade rug you can see more of the pattern and the design of the rug. The more knots and the more details you can see on the back the better quality rug. 
A machine made rug can also have a backing (latex or linen). This may not always a good test as some handwoven rugs will have a backing to hold all the different weave types in place.
For example our textured Jasper Wool Rug has a backing because of the way it is woven. Where as our Diamond Honeycomb (handwoven rug) does not.  This is just because of the different yarns and weaving techniques used. 



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NO 2. Look at the Fringes of the Rug

The fringe on a rug is generally made from the warp threads of handmade rugs but on a machine made it is usually sewn onto the rug at the end of the making to make it appear that is is handmade. 

NO 3. Look at the Edges of the Rug 

On a hand knotted rug the edges are overcast by hand whereas on a machine made rug the edges are stitched with a machine. 


Let me know how you went with your rug in the comments below?

Is it machine or made by hand?

We know our preference - always handmade. 


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A quote I heard the other day 

"The purchases you make today will determine the world tomorrow. "


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