Stain resistant rugs - what are they made from and are they bad for your health?


Everywhere you turn at the moment you see 'stain resistant or stain vincible rugs' been marketed.

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Everywhere you turn at the moment you see 'stain resistant or stain vincible rugs' been marketed. 

So what are these stain resistant rugs made from and why are they bad for our health? Let's brush up on the facts and understand what chemicals you're bringing into your home when purchasing one of these stain resistant rugs.


What are stain resistant rugs?

Well the first thing you need to know is there are 2 types, the good and the bad - so make sure you know which one your purchasing.


1.The good stain resistant rugs - these are your pure natural fiber rugs like 100% pure cotton and 100% pure wool - these rugs contain no hidden nasties. Pure cotton rugs can be just popped in the washing machine and they come up good as new and pure wool rugs are naturally repellent so stains will sit on top of the wool allowing you to soak away liquid and clean quickly without spills soaking in.


2. The bad stain resistant rugs - these are your synthetic rugs made from polypropylene also known as olefin, acrylic, polyester, and nylon. These materials are derivatives of petroleum and are chemically-treated with various compounds whose impact on human health and the environment are currently under research - but we already know the outcome is not a positive one! (Check out the link at the bottom of this blog to an eye opening article written by By  CNN health.)

Synthetic rugs that boast about being stain-resistant and water-repellent often get those properties from yet another class of worrisome chemical known as PFAS you can read more about PFAS chemicals on our toxic rugs the facts you need to know blog.


So why are nasty chemicals like PFAS being used in stain resistant rugs?

PFAS or  'forever chemicals' as they are also know (the massive red flag is in the name 'forever' are been used by some manufacturers simply because they allow cheaper non natural synthetic fibers to become oil, water and liquid repellant. Basically more chemicals on top of the synthetic chemicals!


What rugs are non toxic and safe for my family? 

Hand woven rugs made from 100% quality natural fibers like wool, cotton and jute are the best non toxic rug choices for your home. 

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Did you know all our Oh Happy Home rugs are made with family in mind? We will never use any hidden nasties in our rugs.


Like more info on the hidden nasties being used in some rugs please check out these links:

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