Shop for Ethically Sourced, GoodWeave Certified Rugs from Oh Happy Home

07/ 6/2022

An ethically sourced rug is a handmade rug made from natural fibres, such as wool and cotton.

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Shop for Ethically Sourced, GoodWeave Certified, Rugs from Oh Happy Home


An ethically sourced rug is a handmade rug made from natural fibres, such as wool and cotton. It is not made from the use of unethical or child labour. Ethical rugs are becoming increasingly popular because of the overall awareness of the world and our limited resources.


Oh Happy Home  Sourcing Ethical Rugs in India

More and more people are realising how important it is to buy ethically sourced
items, especially when it comes to home decor. There are many varied reasons to purchase ethically sourced rugs, and GoodWeave certified rugs tick all those boxes. Let's talk about ethically sourced rugs and why you'll love ours!

   Why Are Ethically Sourced Rugs Important?


   There are many reasons why ethically sourced products are essential. They provide our customers a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that they were part of the process of delivering liveable     wages to artisans and weavers at GoodWeave-certified facilities, where our rugs are uniquely created by hand. Our rugs also help reduce the environmental impact of production and create jobs for those struggling to find work.

Benefits Of Ethically Sourced Rugs

Ethically sourced rugs are also a great way to decorate your home. These rugs are made from natural materials, and they don't contain harmful chemicals that can exacerbate asthma, irritate skin conditions or cause other health problems. The most crucial benefit of ethically sourced products is that they are good for the environment. Other benefits include:


  • No child labour is used in the production of our rugs
  • No toxic chemicals are used during production
  • Our rugs are completely machine washable, dryable and highly durable



Why Ethically Sourced Rugs from GoodWeave Are Worth Purchasing

Ethically made rugs are a great way to show your concern for the environment. It is vital to buy ethically made rugs because it is not just about the price of your purchase but also the impact on the environment. Ethical rugs are made from all-natural fibres and in weavers' hands with years of experience. They are not made from artificial materials that can have harmful effects on the environment.



Ethical rugs are also very durable with the longevity you don't see with machine-made products. Ethical rugs are also an investment in the future - because you know that the money spent is going towards a sustainable industry and straight to artisans producing the products.


Environmentally friendly rugs can be thoroughly cleaned right in your own washing machine and will come out looking better than ever!



Why Is GoodWeave Certification Important?

See our Goodweave Certification here. 


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Oh Happy Home is GoodWeave Certified, which means that every purchase through them supports programs to help educate children and find decent work for adults. Their materials are also entirely ethically sourced. What exactly does this mean? It means that you can rest easy knowing your rug was produced using absolutely none of the following:


  • Forced Labour (also known as involuntary labour or any labour that is performed under coercion or under the menace of any penalty)


  • Child Labour (any type of labour that is mentally, physically, emotionally, socially or morally dangerous for children or interferes with schooling)


  • Bonded Labour (labour in which an individual or an entire family is subjected to in order to pay high-interest loans provided by coercive employers)


Licensed exporters agree only to produce rugs free of child, forced, or bonded labour. Exporters are subject to random, unannounced inspections to ensure these conditions are being met.

Not only that, but they have a wide selection of handmade rugs from all over the world and a wide selection of non-toxic washable rugs that are safe for kids and pets.


Oh Happy Home is a company that believes in providing high-quality products to its customers at an affordable price. We are committed to making sure that we only sell handmade, ethically sourced rugs made to exacting standards and will last for years to come.


We also believe that our responsibility as consumers is to purchase products made by ethical companies like them. By buying their rugs, you are supporting the business and contributing to the fight against child labour.



How To Choose An Ethically Sourced Rug

Ethical sourcing is becoming a priority for many consumers. It is not only about the ethics of the product but also about the ethics of the company that produces it. With the rise of ethical sourcing, consumers are becoming more conscious about what they buy and where it comes from. But with so many options available, how do you know which rug to buy?


First, find out if the company is certified by the Fair Trade Foundation or if they are a member of other organisations that promote ethical sourcing. Next, check if their rugs are made in a child labour-free factory or a GoodWeave Certified company. If they have been certified by an independent third party like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), that is another good sign. Finally, read reviews from people who have already bought the rug to see what their experience was like and whether or not it was worth it.



Why Is Oh Happy Home The Best Brand For Ethical Rugs?

Oh Happy Home is the best brand for ethical rugs because of our commitment to human rights, fair trade, and non-toxic products. We have a variety of colours and styles suitable for any room. We also have a wide range of rug size and shape options.


Oh Happy Home has been sourcing ethically-made rugs with fair trade practices in mind. We are known for our artisan-made rugs free from child labour, non-toxic, and washable rugs Many designs are made of 100% wool fibres that are soft on the feet and can be machine washed without shrinkage or fading. This makes Oh Happy Home one of the best places to get beautifully woven handmade rugs to add to your home.


Want to Shop Ethically? Oh Happy Home is the Solution!

When shopping for a rug, it is crucial to consider the origin of the product. If you are looking for a non-toxic and environmentally friendly rug, look for one made from natural materials like wool or cotton.

Want to choose a rug that is non toxic and safe? Read our latest blog here: Non Toxic and Safe Rugs 




When buying rugs online, always check the company's manufacturing practices and whether they have an ethical policy in place. This way, you can ensure that they contain no harmful chemicals and that their products are safe to use around your family members and pets.


 Look out the labels and do your research; companies with ethical practices always try to place that information at the forefront because it is vital to their overall business model and ideals. So, if you're looking for GoodWeave certified rugs, you won't have far to look. Check out our website today.