Pet friendly 100% cotton machine washable rugs.

I get asked a lot about our washable rugs and whether they really are suitable for households with pets, people cannot believe you can just pop them in a washing machine and they will come out good a new.

That's the beauty of chemical free 100% cotton and quality weavers.

Pet Friendly Washable Rugs


Being a pet owner myself (that's my beautiful fur baby Teddy above) I know all about those little accidents and mishaps and totally understand some pet owners hesitation in purchasing a rug for their home.

But when you know it's 100% cotton and you can pop it in the machine and it comes up good as new there really is no need to worry.

Don't just take my word for it check out some of our customers happy pets enjoying their new cotton pet friendly washable rugs.  

Pet Friendly Rugs by Oh Happy Home

Pet Friendly Washable Cotton Rugs
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Pet Friendly Rugs Australia Washable
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