Non Toxic Rugs - Eco-Friendly Choices - Wool/cotton rugs vs Synthetic

01/ 6/2022

If you are looking to reduce the footprint of your humble home, a great place to start is under your feet with looking at rugs.

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Wool/Cotton Rugs vs Synthetic Rugs
Non Toxic Rugs

Eco-Friendly and Non Toxic Rugs For A Nontoxic Home -

Wool/Cotton Rugs vs Synthetic Rugs


If you are looking to reduce the footprint of your humble home, a great place to start is under your feet when looking at rugs. 

Did you know that rugs that are bad for the environment can also be dangerous to your health? So when it comes to choosing a rug that’s good for your health and your home you should always choose a non-toxic natural fibre like wool rugs, jute or organic cotton rugs.

For those still debating whether to choose a Natural Fibre handwoven rug over  a synthetic machine manufactured fibre rug.



Here’s a few key facts that might help you make an informed choice. 

Wool Rugs -

Oh Happy Home Wool Rug Jasper Knit

- 100% wool rugs are handwoven with natural materials


-  Wool is a renewable source from sheep who shed on average twice a year


- Sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle, consuming the organic carbon stored in plants and converting it to wool


-Wool is a Natural Flame Retardant!


- Wool is a natural water repellent so stains will sit on top allowing you to clean quickly without spills soaking in


- It’s a great noise insulator, yep that's right Wool is a natural sound inhibitor and takes away the echo in a room


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Did you know?


In Persia the family name is always woven into the rug, sometimes on the underside sometimes on the top. The rug then becomes a family heirloom which is handed down through the generations.

I love this idea!

To me wool rugs age like a fine wine! Overtime they become softer and look better than the day they arrived in your home. Imagine handing down your well looked after wool rug to your children and then your children’s children.


Synthetic rugs -

  • Synthetics are a manmade product - a petroleum by-product made in factories worldwide
  • Synthetic factories release VOC's (volatile organic compounds) into our atmosphere
  • Synthetic rugs are machine made
  • Synthetic rugs are not good for those with allergies.


Did you know?

The life span of a synthetic rug is on average only 5 years. The are usually a cheaper initial purchase but with a short life span, rapid aging and toxicity they are not the best investment over time.
They are also incredibly flammable and tend to melt. Did you know a synthetic rug can only be put out with a fire extinguisher?


So what are Oh Happy Home doing to ensure our customers have nontoxic rugs, eco-friendly rug choices?



-All our wool rugs are ethically made from natural and sustainable fibres like New Zealand wool and we make all our exclusive designed wool rugs in short weaving runs

  • Wool rugs versus synthetic rugs


  • -  Our 100% Cotton rugs come without backing - so that means no nasties or chemicals are used in their production-

  • - We also ensure that our rugs have natural fibres which are easy to clean and care for. We even have numerous machine washable rugs in our range so instead of throwing out your rug when it is dirty you can simply machine wash yourself over and over

  • - At the end of their lifetime our cotton rugs will eventually breakdown after about 50 years unlike polyester or machine-made rugs that typically take over 200 years to biodegrade

- Natural is always best. Buy well, buy once.  


Looking for Non-Toxic Nursery Rugs for a new arrival? Click to view our range of nursery rugs. 


All Oh Happy Home rugs are Goodweave International Accredited. So you can be confident that no child labour, forced labour or bonded labour was used in the production


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