Our felt products are all imported from Nepal.

It is 100 % wool felt and fair trade. Way back in 2009 Happy as Larry Strated from humble beginnings with Amy felting and producing all the products herself. Today all of our felt and wool rugs and products are made in Nepal and India.

Felt is a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers. Using water and soap the fibres are fused together to create felt. The felt can be moulded into yarn, balls or just about anything.  The raw materials (lamb wool) are imported from New Zealand. 

Happy as Larry Designs is committed to only employing workshops and women that offer fair wages and working conditions. We are committed to putting part profits back into this incredibly poor country. Together with a few Nepalese Foundations we are also helping to educate marginalised children in Nepal.




1. Ethical/Fair – we will strive to to always protect the maker, to make sure that our suppliers are treated fairly and with respect.
2. Generous - to give back to the communities who create for us and support the whole family.
3. Design - To lead the way, be innovative in design and push boundaries in the homewares market.
4. Fun-   To have fun in everything we do. Create positive experiences for our suppliers, staff and customers. We will go the extra mile to make someone happy as Larry.
5. Playful- We will strive to make someone gasp or chuckle when they see and purchase our products!  
6. Educate- Help us consumers and retailers to make wise purposeful buying choices of products that are made to last and create lasting change in countries less fortunate.