How to choose the right size rug for your space...

One of the questions we get asked the most by our lovely customers is what size rug do you think would work best in my space?
So we thought we'd share our tips on what you need to consider when purchasing your rug, to ensure you get the perfect size to compliment your space.

Consider layout and function

Would you like the rug to stand alone in your room as a feature? (e.g nursery image 1)

Or would like to use the rug to anchor the furniture in the room like a sofa, bed or dining table? (e.g images 2,3,4)

Choosing The Right Size Rug

What shape will suit your space best?

Once you're clear on the room layout and function the rug will preform in your space, you need to decide what shape rug will best suit your needs, rectangular or round?

What shape rug should I choose

Choosing the perfect size

Now you're crystal clear on the room layout, rug function and shape, choosing the right size rug becomes so much simpler!

Our 3 tips for getting it right first time every time are;

1. Measure the space you think the rug will sit in

2. Think about how much of the rug will be on full display and how much will be covered by furniture (sofa/bed etc). We recommend allowing between 15-30cm under furniture legs

3. The perfect way to double check whether the size you've chosen is right is to tape out the dimensions you think will work best onto the floor. (inc the furniture covered section)

Furniture layout guide

Still feeling a little unsure in your size choice? 

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