Dining Room Rugs: The Do's and Don'ts

When it comes to choosing a rug for under your dining table there are a few things you should consider.

1.The shape of your dining room table

The first thing you should always think about when choosing a dining room rug is the shape of your dining room table. Just stick to this simple design rule: round dining room table = round dining room rug and rectangular dining room table = rectangular dining room rug.

Rectangular Dining Room RugRound Dining Room Rug

Simple as that!

2. How much traffic will your dining room rug receive?

Determining how much traffic your dining room rug will receive will help you decide what type of dining room table rug to choose. If your dining room rug will be used in any area where you're dining every single day, then a washable cotton dining room rug would be a good choice.

And if your dining room rug will be located in a more formal dining area that only has occasional use, you could go for a wool dining room rug (they spot clean very easily if you treat stains straight away).

Wool Dining Room RugWashable dining room rugs

3. Do you want your dining room rug to make a statement or blend in?

Would you like your dining room rug to be the 'hero' in your room (i.e the key feature that stands out above everything else) or would you like your dining room rug to just blend in and let something else in the dining room grab the attention? 

If you would like your dining room rug to be the hero piece then go for a rug with bold colour(s) and pattern(s) that will grab attention like our colourful Pink Sahara wool rug or our textured Moroccan Trellis.

Colourful dining room rug Pink SaharaTextured dining room rug Moroccan Trellis

If you'd prefer your dining room rug to blend in and allow something else to be the hero in the room, choose a more classic designed dining room rug, like our braided wool dining room rug. Or for a round rug in the dining room try the round Braided wool rug. 

Classic dining room ruground dining room rugs

Dining room rugs : Shop the look

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