COVID 19 The Effects On Child Labour


After months of lockdowns in India and Nepal we are pleased to say that workers are starting to return to work and manufacturing is starting up again.

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COVID 19 Effects On Child Labour

After months of lockdowns in India and Nepal we are pleased to say that workers are starting to return to work and manufacturing is starting up again.

It is now, more than ever, that companies and brands need to step up and produce ethically. Workers at the bottom of the supply chain are desperate and companies are beginning to seek shortcuts to regain profits.




Transparency And Sustainability Across The Entire Supply Chain Is Imperative.


At Oh Happy Home we believe everyone has the right to live in a happy home. And as a Goodweave International partner we make sure that all workers in our supply chain are supported and fairly paid for their work and of course no child labour will ever be used in the making of any of our products.

How We Can All Help?
In order for us to continue to support our makers we will need to continue to place regular healthy orders. We are only able to do this because of your continued purchases.
So I want to personally THANK YOU for making the choice to 'buy once and buy well' from us and help us put an end to this exploitation. Your support has been overwhelming.


Growing Impact Of COVID On Child Labour


If you read my recent email on how Covid19 is effecting child labour in places like India and Nepal you will know that children are now more vulnerable than ever to traffickers. Exploitation is their game - debts mount within families who need to eat and have rent to pay.

Lockdowns have forced informal workers (along with their families) which most of the rug making communities are to make the long arduous journey home on foot to their far away villages. Many of whom don't survive the journey.

In their villages employment is almost nil and guess who are the first responders on the ground ready to prey on the vunerable?? 
HUMAN TRAFFICKERS – that’s right!
Waiting and propositioning children to work.
Boys for labour in factories that need to pay lower wages because of the low demand globally and girls, heartbreakingly into prostitution! 



How Goodweave International Is Helping?


We are pleased to say that Goodweave International is now also on the ground as a first responder in villages helping as many of these vulnerable children as they possibly can.
Providing rescue, relief funds, and education. 

Our manufacturers who are Goodweave International certified have now resumed work and we are glad to say are busy producing once more.

For us we are reminded that things just don't go back to the way they were. They can't and they must not! Global change and the way we consume must change.
With World Child Free Labour day (June 12th) just past and rapid changes around the world putting a spotlight on the injustice all around us. 
Transparency, honesty and justice must be on our minds when we are purchasing goods.
It's said that 1 in 10 children are now in labour across the globe and this statistic is set to rise because of the global effects of Covid 19.





The Impact On Global Supply Chains


Global supply chains have been severely cut, lock downs across India and Nepal have seen 84% of the workforce shut down.

They say that 30% of fashion brands will not survive the pandemic. So in order for these brands to survive they will be looking to make shortcuts to lift their profits. These shortcuts will be made towards the bottom end of the supply chain. Lower wages and more informal workers will be employed to meet this demand. 

This breaks my heart and it is this injustice that needs to stop.
As things go back to normal here in Australia remember that bottom end of the supply chain. 
Let's all do our part and purchase well. As a consumer I am committing to ‘buying once and buying well’ what will you commit to?

To find out more about Goodweave International and the amazing work they are doing click here