Our Top Tips For Choosing The Right Nursery Rugs


I am always getting asked what should I think about when choosing a nursery rug.

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Choosing The Right Nursery Rug

Choosing The Right Nursery Rugs

I am always getting asked what should I think about when choosing a nursery rug.

Should I be choosing wool or cotton?

Should I be choosing a round nursery rug or a rectangular one?

What size nursery rug should I choose?

All very valid questions some easy to answer some a little harder.

So here's my top tips for choosing the right nursery rug.


1. Make sure your nursery rug is easy care...

As once baby comes you'll be far too busy and will need an easy care option for any little accidents and spills!

Easy care nursery rugs for me, are made from wool or cotton. 

Wool nursery rugs are naturally stain resistant (as spills will sit on top of the wool yarn), so if you act as soon as you have a spill or little accident they're super easy to spot clean quickly yourself.
Wool Nursery Rugs


100% cotton nursery rugs are also super easy to clean - you can just throw them in the washing machine and let the machine do all the work.


Cotton Washable Nursery Rugs

2. Choose the right shape for your nursery rug ..

Depending on your nursery's shape, size, flooring and the furniture you plan to have in the room it all influences what shape nursery rug you choose.


Nursery Rug Styled Image


For example if your nursery floor has floorboards a large rectangular rug can be a perfect way of adding warmth and softness to the room.
If your nursery is small and carpeted you make want to add a round rug in the corner under a feeding chair to help anchor the chair and create a focal point in the room.



3.Choose the right colour for your nursery rug 

When it comes to colour I always advise customers to think long term, choose a timeless colour and design that will grow with your precious one throughout the years.

After all my motto is "buy well and buy once".

Deciding to go gender neutral or with a traditional splash of pink or blue is a very personal choice and with that in mind I designed our Going Dotty range of 100% cotton washable rugs.
With three dot colours to choose from they are the perfect addition for any nursery colour scheme that will last the test of time and last through to kid and teenage bedrooms styles.
Kids Rug Inspo



4.  When to go for a round nursery rug ..

Round nursery rugs are perfect when you have a small space or you want to create a focal point with a piece of furniture, whether it's a relaxing feeding chair, a stylish crib or a beautiful chest of drawers a round rug can help anchor the chosen piece.


Round Nursery Rug

Australia nursery rug inspo:


Australian nursery inspo


Nursery rug Inspo

Australia nursery rugs: Shop the look 




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