We got your bathroom floor covered with an extra  long bath mat.

They say a bath at the end of the day is the ultimate way to relax and wind down from the stresses and worries of the world. 
So when it comes to designing your new dreamy bathroom or renovating your bathroom think
about how you want your space to feel.
It has to be functional of course a zone that is all about relaxation, pampering and of course lovely underfoot with an extra large bath mat. 

green large Bath mat

Stand alone large bath tubs and double vanities are popular in todays new bathroom. Bathrooms are built for 2 or more people
and sometime in use all at once.
When it came to designing our Oh Happy Home bath runners we were so tired of tiny little bath mats
and jumping from one bath mat to the other as you dry yourself.
Not to mention the amount of water left behind after kids bath time every night. 

bath mats large

Our very large bath runners and larger bath mats are a huge 90 x 180cm that is the perfect fit for a double vanity or two sink bathroom cabinet.
Two people can stand and brush your teeth on the same mat. Ingenious! 



Our large bath mats are also the perfect size to stand alone in front of the bath or the  shower.
The Oh Happy home bath rugs are made from 100% soft cotton and luxurious thick underfoot.
No need to worry about excess water as our long bath mat runners soak it all up. 


Rainbow bath mat

Oh Happy Home  bath mats large are machine washable.
With a light antislip spray on the back of our bath mats they stay in place but can also be washed. 
Look at one of our happy little customers -
a perfect bath mat to lay your baby on while getting them ready for a night time bathe.
Bath Runner for baby

Wash in your machine at home, tumble dry to fluff them back up or hang out to dry.
Bath mats that stand the test of time  can be washed again and again to keep your bathroom fresh, clean and above all luxurious underfoot.

Pink Large Bath Mat

oversized bath mat