Bathroom styling ideas from Oh Happy Home

When it comes to styling your home, never over look your bathroom, it is just as important to get it right as any other room in your home.

The best advice we can give you is to keep it simple by following these 4 simple steps.

1. Add some warmth with a stylist bath mat or bath runner

Create some warmth in your bathroom by adding stylish towels and a bath mat or bath runner. Subtle or neutral colours are often best but if you love colour don't be afraid to add some subtle pops here and there.


2. Bring in some greenery

It's amazing the difference adding a plant or two to your bathroom can make. Some even say it helps create a spa like experience! After all plants are suppose to help improve your health and promote relaxation.


Styling with plants in the bathroom


3. Add some softness

Adding a feature light, styling a bath tray or adding some soy candles and lux handwash and accessories to the vanity can bring some much needed softness to a room that can sometimes feel harsh especially if it's tiled from floor to ceiling on all sides.


Bathroom Styling

4. Style with a stool

A free standing bath is just not complete without a stylish stool! They can also make a great seat to perch on whilst bathing the kids, or the perfect addition to help elevate your plants or simply styling with a candle and a book.

We think they just add that extra little bit of luxury to a bathroom.

Bathroom styling with a stool



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