Koala Bear Slippers

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Keep your little ones feet warm! These "oh so cute" 100% wool felted koala slippers are guaranteed to sweep away the winter blues.

Available in little bears and rabbits too. 

With a soft leather sole for mobility, their growing feet will be in safe hands.

Available sizes: PLEASE NOTE SIZES ARE APPROXIMATE and taken from the measurement of the sole. 

Recommended sizes (sizes are approximate due to each slippers being handmade)

10cm: 0-12 mths - no leather sole    EU 18   US   3  - SOLD OUT

12cm: 12 -24 mths    EU 20  US 5  - SOLD OUT

14cm: 2 - 3 years      EU 23 US 7 

16cm: 3 - 4 years     EU 26  US 9-10 

18cm:  EU 30-31  US 1-2

20cm:  EU 34-35  US  4 

22cm:  EU 36-37  US 5-6 

24cm:    EU 39  US 8-9


Please be aware this is a guide only and we recommend you measure the sole length of your child. 


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