Round Bolga Baskets - Woodland Tones
Medium - Woodland Tones
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Bolga Baskets - Woodland Tones

Woodland Tones new colour there is a variety to choose from.............. Just let us know which colour you would like the most of in the notes.


(Get in touch with us if you would like a restock) 

Hand-woven baskets made from the elephant grass which grows near a village of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana.


These baskets are great for shopping and keeping all those little items tidy around the home, especially with toys. Another option is placing a pot plant inside them, so many ideas that theses baskets could be used for.


If the basket ever get out of shape they are easy to reshape, simply immerse in water for a few minutes and adjust while wet. 


As these baskets are handmade, diameter will vary within these measurements -


Medium 38cm

Large 48cm


Care instructions 


Our fresh and fabulous basket will be flat packed and will need some life breathed into it. The good news is that the care instructions are simple.

Soak the basket.This can be done in the sink, bath or under the shower. Work the reed.

The reed becomes malleable when soaked.

 Work them gently and start forming the basket into the shape you desire.

We find that a round and symmetrical finish looks the best.

Leave it too dry.

Once you’re happy with the shape simply leave it to dry, preferably somewhere with decent drainage so that water doesn’t pool underneath (which will slow down the drying process).


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Angela Davis (New Beith, AU)

Round Bolga Baskets - Woodland Tones

Nanni Kruims (Melbourne, AU)
Basket sizes

Hi, I love the colour of my basket. I ordered a medium size which I thought was about 32-34cm diameter. Unfortunately I did not see your sizing which was Medium 38cm diameter. When my basket did arrive it was actually only 28cm diameter, which is a small basket. I am disappointed in myself that I did not see the correct size but also my basket is 10cm smaller than what you advertised. Hope this might help with your advertising and dispatching.

Hi Thanks for the feedback - As they are handmade they can be hard to judge and make them all exactly the same. We will adjust our descriptions to make more accurate.


What is the best way to clean my rug?

General Rug Cleaning Tips:

Check first to see if it is machine washable or require professional cleaning.

Our Cotton Rugs can be washed in a washing machine at either a laundromat or drycleaner.

Wool Rugs can be spot cleaned or professionally cleaned.

Lightly vacuum once or twice a week. Use the hard floor attachment and do not use a rotating or brush head vacuum. Do not not use a beater bar that can damage the pile or yarn of your rug.
A good shake works well too.

(Always do a spot test on a small area before trying any of these!)

Here are some tips we have learnt over time. If in doubt always use a professional carpet cleaner.

The rug itself has been thoroughly washed a number of times in the final stage of rug making so will withstand mild cleaning.


The most important thing with stains is time! The sooner you can attack and clean-up a spill the easier it will be to remove it without permanently staining the rug.

Blot stains, don't rub them. Dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, paper towels, or a sponge. Always blot from the outside of the stain inward, as blotting outward can spread the stain.

Pro Tip: You can use shaving cream to remove almost any stain. Apply shaving cream to the stain and let it set for around 30 minutes, then blot it away with a white cloth. Finish by spraying the area with one part vinegar mixed with one part water and then wiping away the solution with a cloth. Use only plain, white shaving cream because it contains no dyes or greasy emollients, always spot-test a small area before treating a large stain to ensure the shaving cream won't damage or stain your rug.

Greasy stains can be removed with a mild dish washing detergent. Just put a drop or two of dish washing detergent into a cup of water and put the solution into a spray bottle. Then simply spray directly onto the stain and blot away with a clean cloth.

Should I worry about pilling or shedding?

It is totally normal to experience some pilling from your new rug this will settle.

We like to use natural yarns in our rugs and no nasties. Wool and cotton and any rug with a cut pile will unfortunately pill initially if it not treated with chemicals.

Vacuum only once a week and shake in between. Over vacuuming will not speed up the process and can damage the fibres more.

On a lightweight rug vacuuming needs to be made in the same direction.

A wash or our washable rug in a machine or at a laundromat will also speed up the process.

Do not use a rotating head vacuum cleaner on cut pile rugs - this will damage the rug and pull the fibres.

How can I be sure my rug is made ethically?

To be sure when purchasing a rug we recommend you look for the Goodweave sticker on the back of the rug.

Ohh is fully accredited by Goodweave International. An international body governing the carpet industry. No child or forced labour has been used in the making of our rugs.

As a licensed brand of Goodweave you have the assurance that your rug has been ethically made and part funds are used to rescue and educate children found in the carpet industry.

All our rugs are made in India with transparency, from the yarn making to the weaving to the final washing and cutting. We make all our rugs in small weaving runs in order to keep our weavers in work all year around.

Does my rug require an anti slip underlay?

To protect your rug, extend the life and prevent it from moving around or slipping we recommend a rug pad or Anti-Slip underlay.

We use a Superior Lock product that is safe for all floor types.

Our heavy duty braided wool rugs and our wool rugs are often heavy enough that they do not require an anti-slip mat.

Please check the product description to see if you will require one.

When will my order ship?

We aim to ship within 1-2 days from our Perth warehouse. If your product is on pre-order you will be notified of shipping date.

All tracking information will be sent to you via the email provided.

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