Making good purchases that make us all happy

Hi there!

I wanted to let you in a bit and let you know what we are trying to achieve here at Larry HQ. Yes its lovely to have a great looking home but we aren't just here for aesthetics we want to make a real difference in the world. 

With every stitch we make the world a happier and more colourful place to call home. 

The challenge I throw out to you today is to think before we buy. Buy beautiful products that are made by hand, ethically produced that are made to last and make lasting changes.

In our fast paced lives we are so keen to buy the latest and greatest and cheapest to fuel our hunger for the NEW and latest. I challenge you to buy PURPOSEFULLY.

Start with the small, what ever you can manage it all helps this beautiful world we live in. 

Fair trade in Nepal

Did you know our values we all try to abide by here here at Larry. 

1. Ethical/Fair – we will strive to to always protect the maker, to make sure that our suppliers are treated fairly and with respect. 

2. Generous - to give back to the communities who create for us and support the whole family. 

3. Design - To lead the way, be innovative in design and push boundaries in the homewares market. 

4. Fun-   To have fun in everything we do. Create positive experiences for our suppliers, staff and customers. We will go the extra mile to make someone happy as Larry. 

5. Playful- We will strive to make someone gasp or chuckle when they see and purchase our products!  

6. Educate- Help us consumers and retailers to make wise purposeful buying choices of products that are made to last and create lasting change in countries less fortunate.

Nepalese children

So will you join with us and pledge to make small changes to your buying habits? 

Love to hear your thoughts - click comment below


Love Amy x 

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